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Making Digital Solutions For Manufacturers & Engineers

Our work in the manufacturing and engineering sector has seen us make some of our most impressive and truly bespoke websites and web systems. As one of the most diverse industries in the UK, we know that no two manufacturing and engineering companies work in the same way. Instead, most companies in this sector operate in a market niche, or develop their own systems and products, so a one size fits all approach to digital isn’t the answer.

Our creative skills and technical excellence allow us to design and deliver bespoke solutions, tailored to our client’s particular goals and objectives. We develop websites and web systems capable of streamlining manufacturing and engineering processes and simplifying data and reporting into actionable information.

For consumer facing websites, we use strong creative concepts to effectively communicate what these businesses do and how they do it, often taking incredibly complex systems and condensing them into accessible and user friendly content.

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WDS Component Parts
Requirement Analysis

Manufacturing Sector Success

We have built successful working relationships with some of the UK’s best manufacturing and engineering companies such as Barrett Steel, YTM, FMCG, Fleetclean and Premdor. Working with WDS Component Parts Ltd has also seen us apply our skills to a global brand and working with manufacturing firms like Fox’s Biscuits and SampleRite our technical expertise and creative knowledge has proven it can deliver greater efficiency and more cost effective processes.
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What Our Clients Say

We chose Pixelbuilders because they demonstrated experience in taking business process and making it into a web-based system. They have created a bespoke system that is easy to use, gives immediate high level overviews of key data and meets the specific needs of our business.
Kate Needham
Head of New Product Development, Fox’s Biscuits
Creative Concepts

Ingenuity At Every Level

For Fox’s Biscuits, we built not one, but two bespoke web systems which integrate with each other, allowing single sign on between the two. The Launchpad system is designed to support the Fox’s team through the new product development process allowing various user levels to manage a product through its inception.

The bespoke reporting system is built to allow Fox’s to report on any aspect or field of a project, filtering information down to show only what the team require. Once a report is built it can be saved and re-run at later dates.

For Fleetclean, rather than creating a temporary solution for their digital needs, our development team used their technical knowledge to develop the functionality needed to allow Fleetclean to effectively build their own inner template layouts, using an intuitive block system. This ensured pages could be built and adapted to suit the content and material Fleetclean wanted to publish online, at any time.

Not only did this solution prove effective for Fleetclean’s day to day interactions with their website and CMS, but it also ultimately reduced the number of page templates required from our team and therefore streamlined the build process.

Sectors We Service

Our technical excellence and tireless creativity means the work we do is never restricted by the scale, sector or services our client works with.