Digital Marketing

Summit Vans

The brief

The team at Summit Vans got in touch with the digital experts here at Pixel to help them market their new brand. The key was to establish and grow a relevant and engaged audience, to whom they could promote their flexi-lease, business lease and used van deals. It was important to establish their brand indentity to make a real impact in the market, and establish their brand as young, cool, adventurous and luxe.

What did did

We created a suite of visually striking marketing assets to successfully drive increased brand awareness, engagement and leads for Summit Vans through targeted paid ads, organic social, SEO and PPC campaigns.

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Making sure the brand & audience connect

When it came to helping Summit Vans launch their brand new website online, our role was to leverage their digital marketing platforms, most notably social media, to really connect this new brand with the right target audiences and to do that, we had to start at the very beginning. The first job was researching and establishing the right target personas for the brand. We spent time creating visual content moodboards, researching their online competitors and of course getting to know Summit Vans; who they are, what they do and what gets them excited about Custom Ford Transits and Rangers. After that it was all about securing the right hashtags and handles on all the right platforms, which in this case was Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. 
Burton's Biscuits Fish 'N' Chips - Pixelbuilders
Summit Vans Instagram on iPhone - Pixelbuilders

Creating "summit" striking

Once we knew who our target audiences were and what the brand needed to convey, our talented design team were able to get to work creating lots and lots of visual assets. The first step was ensuring there was a consistent yet striking brand identity across all of Summit Vans' online channels. Our designers introduced a trio of brand colours, dark grey, teal and acid yellow to add pops of vibrant colour throughout social feeds, ad assets and profile banners. A tear motif was used to reference the brands adventurous, free spirted and wild side, while high quality photography and up close details shots of their awesome van conversions were used to highlight the high end, luxury finish of their vehicles.


Brand awareness, lead generation & a great ROI

Once the visual assets were ready to go, our marketing department stepped in to deliver this content in the right formats across the whole of Summit Vans' online presence. Paid social media ads were layered over the top of an extensive organic content schedule to reach more relevant new audiences, build an inital social following and to highlight key lease deals. This combination of brand awareness, traffic and lead generation ads ensured that whilst brand awareness was growing, the marketing efforts were still working towards directly increasing ROI from marketing too. Display advertising was leveraged to increase brand awareness even further and to align Summit Vans with other relevant online publications and build that association between the brand and the relevant topics: vehicle finance, Ford, outdoor living and adventure. And alongside all that, we still focused on the basics as well: great search engine optimisation, a regular flow of fresh content to support social media and email marketing and of course, accurate and comprehensive tracking for detailed reporting.
Summit Vans Profile on Instagram on iPhone - Pixelbuilders
The results so far...

It's still early days in the Summit Vans story, but already they're enjoying all the benefits of a well engaged and relevant audience online. Their social following across all their key channels is growing sustainably and organically and real engagement is increasing between Summit Vans and their followers. Thanks to this audience growth and the introducion of paid ads, fresh content delivery and SEO, their website traffic has increased by over 281% in a 30 day period and their volume in engaged visits to the website has grown by more than 183%.