Website Design & Development

Dudley Building Society

The brief

We were first approached by Dudley Building Society to deliver a full audit of their digital offering. They wanted an experienced digital agency's insight into their current platform, their competitors and, most importantly, a road map for the next two years to show where they could go digitally. After that, We made a successful pitch for actioning our recommendations and we started the new web project in late January. 

What we did

In just under 14 weeks, we delivered a brand spanking new site equipped with a brand-new CMS, structure, design (based on their new branding) and of course, new integrations.

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Creating a roadmap for success

Before we were invited to pitch to build a new website for Dudley Building Society, our first priority was auditing their current digital offering and establishing the key actions the business would need to take in order to improve their digital footprint in the future. To do this we engaged in 2 days of workshops, completing competitor reviews, UX & analytics analysis and more valuable research. After this we delivered 60 pages worth of recommendations: covering everything from site structure recommendations, functional requirements, nice to haves and CMS requirements. 

After delivering the report, it highlighted that Dudley Building Society did in fact need a new website, as their current site was old and didn’t really offer the foundations for growth. It also became apparent that their site was not only built on older CMS platforms, which had become hard to manage, because they also had THREE different sites on THREE different platforms! 
Dudley Building Society - Pixelbuilders
Dudley Building Society Website on iPhone - Pixelbuilders

A complete, end-to-end project

This was a full end-to-end project. Our talented team of designers started with a full set of wireframes based on the findings from our discovery audit, including persona information and the required site goals. The pages were then mapped out and the key user journeys were identified. It became apparent that there were 4 important customer journeys we had to focus our efforts on:
  • Customers looking to enquire or open a new product, whether that be savings, mortgages, financial services.
  • Existing customers looking for support/information on savings and mortgages.
  • Intermediaries either looking for key information or to join Dudley as a partner.
  • And the final one being a brand piece - for both customers, intermediaries and potential employees to help them understand more about what makes Dudley unique. 

Making the most of Kentico MVC

We decided to build the website on the latest version of Kentico V13, due to the MVC language it’s built on and the more suitable upgrade path options it offers. We then focussed our efforts on the integrations such as an independent financial services review platform (Smart Money People), a service partner for specialist enquiries and not forgetting their HR system, for promoting vacancies across the website.
Dudley on iPhone - Pixelbuilders
Dudley Building Society - Pixelbuilders

Transforming more than just the website...

Throughout the site numerous new tools have been used, including a product finder for sales products, specific functions for handling their new online service and a brand-new content hub to outline Dudley’s expertise and service levels. Alongside the main site build, we also architected their new server environment and worked with specialist third parties to penetration test the whole website and environment. Why you ask? To simply ensure Dudley had a robust and secure hosting environment that would allow for increased function, load and use.
Going the extra mile...
Our digital marketing team helped during the original audit – specifically with reviewing analytics and the recommended site structure. They also delivered a content and SEO training session to help Dudley Building Society's internal team understand more about how content and SEO fit together, so they could really make the most of their new website.