Collaboration & communication: the Pixel way.

Collaboration & communication: the Pixel way.

The Pixel way

Pixel’s strength doesn’t come from the building we’re based in, the tools we use or even the brand we’ve created, it comes from our people, their knowledge and their love of creating amazing things online. 

We’ve been working this way for a while now (over ten years) and part of its success is the solidarity of the team. Our way of working has positively evolved with each new starter. 

If it isn’t broke don’t fix it​

Like many other creative agencies our office is open plan, with a pool table, a sofa and a (at times questionable) shared playlist. That’s not to say we’re like all other agencies though, or that we are all play and no work. We find the open space and relaxed atmosphere creates a collaborative environment that’s conducive to the Pixel way. 

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Meet our people

From our daily stand ups to our monthly knowledge shares, from our 15,000 Flock messages every month to our obsession with Trello, we’re a task driven team with a fondness for connections.