Website Design & Development

Leeds Federated Housing Association

The brief

We were approached by Leeds Federated Housing Association back in 2016 to build a new website. Fast forward 4 years to 2021 (what a crazy year and a half!) and it was time for a little facelift.

What we did

We did a total reskin of the website to give it the glow up it well and truly deserved. 

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Adding an extra splash of colour

Our team of talented designers got their heads together to create a new look for LFHA that was modern yet stylish. It was important that we incorporated a few more colours other than just blue and white, which was the colour scheme of the original website. Taking the brand guidelines our designers were able to add subtle splashes of orange, yellow, purple and green throughout, helping break up the primary colours, as well as highlighting the key sections such as the FAQ’s and My Account. It was important that we incorporated new widgets to allow more flexibility for content to be added without the page layout looking repetitive.
WGHS & QEGS - Pixelbuilders
WGHS & QEGS Website on iPhone - Pixelbuilders

Adding a few additional extras

Even though this project was a reskin and the back end of the site was going to work in exactly the same way as before, our developers were brought in to add additional functionality due to the new widgets that were introduced. The new multi-functional widgets helped to give the site a makeover, whilst allowing content creators to link off to other pages such as downloads, news stories and listing team members, which is something the old site wasn’t able to do.

We're going to be busy

Since go live, the client has requested further domains which means they can be used for other campaigns that they wish to run in the future. We've recently held a workshop at the Pixel office (the first one in person this year may we add) to discuss ways in which a new customer engagement section could be added to the website. We've created a plan of action to restructure their exisitng site and work will begin in the New Year. It's safe to say we’re going to have a busy couple of months ahead of us.
WGHS & QEGS on iPhone - Pixelbuilders