Web Systems & Applications

Digital tools to help your business work smarter

Digital tools to help your business work smarter

Whether you call it a cloud-app, a web-app or a web system. It’s definitely something we can help with.​

Web systems are a relatively hard thing to explain – they’re so varied in what they are, we can’t define exactly what system will help you. Ultimately though they’re the delivery of any function or process in a digital or online format. 
Be it a product development system or a vehicle movement tracker, whether standard alone or integrated; a well-built web system should be a seamless addition to your day to day business processes that increases your overall efficiency and return.

Take controlDelete your six-year-old spreadsheet now!

Well, don’t actually delete it just yet – we might need to help you get some of the data out. But realistically how many of your key business processes are managed by a single Excel file? No control, no permission management, no automation and can only ever be edited by one person at a time (without version control most likely too!!). It’s a story we hear time and time again and where a web-based system can really help.
Even at its most basic a web-system will allow multiple users to use it from different locations at the same time, it will allow you some control over which user can edit which fields and it will automate the process based on pre-defined workflows. And, being honest, from our experience, that’s just the beginning…
Automated workflowsGreen for go,
red for "oh sh*t"
One of the key reasons our clients speak to us about web-systems is the need to put automated workflows and stricter processes in place. We work with them to map out where a process starts, where it finishes, what’s a pass per phase and what’s a fail. We then build a system to not only match but enhance that process – ensuring that if there is an issue, it’s spotted sooner, sent to the right people and can’t be bypassed without the proper approvals.
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Seamless integrationsThe glue that holds it all together

Whether you use Xero for your accounts, Salesforce for your CRM or Atera as your support ticket management system – a new web system shouldn’t be standalone to these. We’ve vast experience in integrating to dozens of different platforms, ensuring a seamless transition of data between your key business platforms.