Dalesman Direct

The brief

Dalesman Direct is the ecommerce division of The Dalesman Group, a leading provider of seasonings, ingredients and blends that sell direct to trade specialists such as butchers and food manufacturers. Their existing website was holding them back, so they were looking for a new agency to help them deliver their dream website; and enable them to sell more online and that's where we stepped in.

What we did

We completely redesigned the website, paying special attention to the key customer journeys.

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Way more than 'meats' the rib-eye!

The key focus for delivering an amazing user experience for Dalesman Direct, was ensuring that the products themselves remained at the fore-front of the user journey, which was done through the use of an extensive menu structure, an intuitive search function and an extensive product filtering system. Each of these features created opportunities for cross-product promotions, helping Dalesman Direct to upsell products and better support customer decisions around complementary products. Simply put, customers can now find and bundle the products they need quickly and efficiently.
Dalesman Direct Burger & Bacon - Pixelbuilders
Pentland Hills Gin Website on iPhone - Pixelbuilders

Complex calculations and professional pictures

Vatable and non-vatable products can be combined into a fixed price bundle and discounts applied, so it was important that we carefully looked at how these complex calculations could work based on the customers product ratios and the weighting of the discounts to ensure the right price was charged, every time. 
On top of tackling some serious maths, our designers also got their heads together and incorporated lots of professional images throughout the site to show customers the full range of mouthwatering products and showcase the expertise of the Dalesman Group.

A cut above the rest!

All prices, stock and bundles are managed seamlessly and effortlessly by Dalesman's operations team and the website is well-placed to become one of the key avenues for orders to the Group. Due to this, the website has already delivered a bounce rate reduction of 10% and a total session duration increase of 15%.
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“We found Pixelbuilders professional, supportive and commercially driven with an attention to detail and a clear talking attitude which we have not experienced before. They communicated extremely effectively throughout the project and ensured that we were listened to and hit all the deadlines that were set. We would definitely recommend them for any similar project and are extremely happy with the results we are seeing on our new site.”

Francesca Simpson,
Marketing and Communications Manager
The Dalesman Group