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Burton's Biscuits

The brief

Burton’s Biscuit Company are home to some of the UK’s most iconic biscuit brands including Maryland Cookies, Jammie Dodgers and Wagon Wheels. They got in touch with our team at Pixel to help them build a brand-new website that would give them more content control, improve their brand appeal and increase interest in their career opportunities.


What we did

We created a playful website design worthy of biscuit royalty. 

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Jam smears & cookie crumbs help add in some strong brand flavour​

When it came to helping Burton’s Biscuits with improving their brand appeal, we were blessed with having some of Britain’s best biscuit brands as our inspiration. The challenge was how to really express the individual personalities of each biscuit brand, while still making sure all belonged visually, to the Burton’s family. After much creative thinking, we solved this problem by using cleverly placed images that reflected the key trait of each biscuit, so jam smears for Jammie Dodgers and cookie crumbs for Maryland Cookies, to give a playful yet powerful visual change as users navigate from brand to brand on the website. Wooden textures were also introduced to give the website physical qualities in a digital space, and to help convey the solid, tight knit family history Burton’s is so proud of. 
Burton's Biscuits Fish 'N' Chips - Pixelbuilders
Pentland Hills Gin Website on iPhone - Pixelbuilders

Playful animations create some serious personality​

The design for the new Burton’s Biscuits website was interesting in its own right however, the introduction of some fun animations helped make the final website even more exciting.  On the initial page load the logo initially appears in the centre of the screen before swooping up into the middle of the main navigation. Hover states show the brand logos transforming in to the brand packaging to further strengthen the visual link between the brand and the product.

However, if there’s anywhere in the website where animations are really used to their full effect, it has to be the timeline widget. Described by our developer as “particularly enjoyable” to build, this feature of the website is based on a JQuery Carousel that has been impressively wrapped up in a packet full of CSS styles and transitions to create an interactive showcase of Burton’s company history that works flawlessly on desktop AND mobile devices. 

A website with style and substance​

In the end, the team at Burton’s Biscuits now have a completely CMS driven website that allows them to really take control of their online content. Integrations with Instagram and a Job Vacancies RSS feed help it improve their brand awareness, express who they are and what they do and of course, encourage more career inquiries. 

It looks amazing, works perfectly and it really delivers on all of their key objectives. To put that in numbers, in the first few weeks since we launched the new website, bounce rate has improved by 15%, average session duration is up by 27% and the number of pages viewed per session has increased by 22%.
Pentland Hills Gin Instagram on iPhone - Pixelbuilders
“Pixelbuilders worked really closely with us taking the time to clearly understand our objectives, our target audiences and our products, resulting in a website that not only expresses the passion we have for our business but provides all users with a simple journey through the site.”

Kate Needham,
Marketing & Insight Director,
Burton's Biscuits