1 Dec, 2015

Introducing Kentico 9

Something big happened last week in the world of web development.The long awaited arrival of Kentico 9 finally hit our screens and whilst we are still getting to grips with the new system we want you to know what’s new. We are Top 10 Kentico partners in the UK and are huge advocators of the all-in-one content management system, e-commerce and online marketing system. 

If you haven’t yet heard of Kentico 9 or have but don’t really know what it is then here’s what we know so far: 

So what is Kentico 9?

Kentico 9 is essentially a major upgrade to the Content Management System that we all know and love. Just as an upgrade to IOS software or Microsoft upgrade, Kentico 9 promised some exciting new features to the content management system which would affect both developers and content editors. 

What are these new features? 

Major upgrades to any software system will typically focus on one perspective or one key functionality of the system. The main driver to the release of Kentico 8 was user experience through a simplified content entry process. Kentico 9 is much more developer focussed through the release of new technologies and improvements to developing Kentico sites, faster deployment processes and simplified methods of personalising content for content managers.

Clients will get the benefit of improving their digital marketing strategies through the introduction of integrated campaigns which streamline the process of creating, deploying and analysing campaign data.  

-    Kentico Draft

This cloud based service has been introduced to help internal content management teams and digital agencies manage content entry. All content editors will be able to collaborate and review content in one central place. Once content has been reviewed and approved, it can then be seamlessly importing onto the website. The benefits include no more emails going to and fro, lost content and multiple changes within the CMS. 

-    Making Sites More Secure with Anti Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) Tokens 

Site security is one of the most important aspects of a website, particularly for those who collect and store confidential data about their users. (Think Talk Talk and Ashely Maddison) The introduction of CSRF tokens system means Kentico sites are better protected against vulnerabilities without affecting website performance. 

-    Simplified Content Editing with MVC Development Model Improvements 

The Kentico MVC development model is basically used to improve user experience for content editor. The removal of distracting page settings, a cleaner API and improved best practise technics have been introduced to make the input of content quicker and simpler for both devs and non-technical content editors. 

-    Integrated Campaign Management 

Been waiting for one place to store all your campaign data? Kentico 9’s introduction of integrated campaign management means creating, sending and reviewing all the data generated from all your marketing campaigns can be done from one central place. Users will be able to setup conversion rates and tracking codes, build and launch email campaigns and cross analyse data. This invaluable intelligence can be used to compare and evaluate which of your channels are most effective and importantly save you precious business hours in the process! 

-    Get Your Brand in Front of a Global Audience with Simplified Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great communication tool for businesses. However, changes to data law will soon make it more difficult to email receipts without explicit contest. Kentico 9 will support a global opt out list meaning you can comply with the current national standard and gain more realistic results. 

Why has it changed? 

Technologies are in a continuous cycle of evolution. Break - through technologies are quickly becoming old news in this fast developing world technology pioneers need to continually improve upon their products to keep them relevant. As technologies become smarter and more advanced they innovate the way we live our lives with the aim of making things simpler. 

The release of Kentico 9 is aimed at doing exactly that; making the development processes and usability of their system more simple and relevant. Change can be intimidating and require knowledge and time to get to grips with new ways of doing things, however, the results will be a simpler more user friendly system. 

How will it affect my website?  

Kentico 9 will not affect any existing Kentico website. 

Can I upgrade my website to Kentico 9? 

Of course, although it is always worth weighing up your options when upgrading. Kentico have tended to provide an upgrade platform in the past which makes the process much simpler, however this obviously depends on your particular website and things like bespoke functionality need to be factored into making the decision on whether to upgrade or not.

If you would like any further information on Kentico 9 or about upgrading your current website then contact a member of our friendly team today!