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Rachael, Digital Marketing Manager
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  • Post-it note wizardry

  • Search engine wizardry

  • Rather pleasing spreadsheets

  • Updates on my level of annoyance

  • Pestering other people
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  • Forgiveness

  • Speeches

  • Crap cups of tea

  • Reach high things

  • A bad job
A little more about meRachael's role at Pixelbuilders as our Digital Marketing Manager has two halves. On the one hand she is responsible for the in-house marketing and SEO for Pixelbuilders and on the other hand, she is here to bring SEO, UX and marketing knowledge to the table at the discovery and delivery phases of our approach.

Project spotlight - Dynamic NetworksAfter looking after the digital marketing strategies for Dynamic Networks for a while already, finally being able to also work on redesigning and building their new website was a real privilege. It allowed us to get some strong SEO foundations built into the bones of the site and showcased our skillset outside of digital marketing alone.

It felt like a real milestone in our working relationship and since the new website went live, the ongoing marketing has continued to go from strength to strength and the new look and feel really does make Dynamic Networks stand out from the crowd.

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My favourite quote"I love all dots. I am married to many of them. I want all dots to be happy. Dots are my brothers. I am a dot myself" 

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