10 Aug, 2022

From Go Live to First Umbraco Upgrade!

If you keep up to date with us on our social media channels, then no doubt you’ve come across our lovely client Harrogate Neighbours and the work we’ve been doing for them. To give you a little extra background on it all, the team at Harrogate Neighbours Housing Association (to give them their proper title) are a wonderfully hardworking and caring bunch of people, who provide residential and community care in their local area. We started working with them this year, to deliver a brand-new website that better reflected who they are and what they do, and that brand new website went live last month, July 2022 and we’re pleased to say it’s off to a flying start.

The new website was built on the Umbraco CMS, in part because we knew this platform would give the team at Harrogate Neighbours the content control and flexibility they needed, but also because of Umbraco’s unrivalled upgrade process and product roadmap.

To put that into perspective, when we started working with Harrogate Neighbours, the latest version of the Umbraco platform available to use, was Umbraco Version 9, so naturally, we started building the new website using this latest and greatest version available to us.

However, by the time we finished the project and successfully launched the website on July 13th (unlucky for some but not for us), a new version of Umbraco was already available: Umbraco Version 10, which launched on the 16th June. With other platforms, the upgrade process from one version to another, can be to say the least, very time consuming, fiddly, often complicated and as a result, potentially expensive. Not so with Umbraco! No less than three weeks since it went live, we’re delighted to say we’ve already seamlessly upgraded the new Harrogate Neighbours website to Umbraco v10.

Why upgrade so soon you ask? Well for one thing, when it’s such a seamless development experience, why not, but more than that, Umbraco v9 development has already stopped, and it will cease to be supported and therefore receive security updates by December this year. For us, that made it a priority to ensure that Harrogate Neighbours were running a version of Umbraco that would be safe, secure, and supported going forward. Moreover, we know thanks to the lovely people at Umbraco and their expansive content, that Umbraco v10 is a Long Term Support (LTS) version, so by acting now, we’ve effectively futureproofed the Harrogate Neighbours website for years to come, or to at least February 2025 in fact, which is when we know Umbraco v10 will be supported until.

If you haven’t already, check out the Harrogate Neighbours website here and if you think Umbraco could be the right platform for your next website, why not get in touch?