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Sam Kuhnbaum
About me
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Kuhnbaum School of Physics
Project Managers
Weapon of choice:
Up, Down, Left, Right, A, Start
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Chemical X
Sam, Web Developer
What I do...
  • Call out Oatesy on his utterly awful dad jokes

  • Help to deliver constant changes and improvement to client sites

  • Avoid angering Rachael

  • Develop creative & responsive email templates
What I don't do...
  • I definitly don’t take compliments. Just don’t try. I will grunt and move on. 

  • Why is there such thing as volume for music? It’s either loud or louder.

  •  Haircuts

  • Stand the joyous sound of Christmas music.

  • PHP   
A little more about meSam has joined our team as a junior developer and brings with him a degree in Computer Science, as well as plenty of enthusiasm and experience with .NET and JavaScript development.
My favourite quote “Self-love is a good thing but self-awareness is more important. You need to once in a while go ‘Uh, I’m kind of an asshole.” 
Louis C.K