Commercial Director
Martin Oates
About me
Pixel points :
Pixel Power:
Excel formulae
Arch-enemy :
Drivers that follow you around a car park waiting for a space
Weapon of Choice :
Flow charts
Catchphrase :
I've got a joke for you...
Desert Island Disc:
Manic Street Preachers - Holy Bible
Martin, Commercial Director
What I do...
  • Requirements gathering and business logic

  • Business and project strategy

  • Process mapping (I love flowcharts)

  • Excellent jokes

  • Drink a lot of coffee
What I don't do...
  • Dress like a creative

  • Write content

  • Dilly-dally about anything

  • Manage being in the office for a full day

  • Eat sweets
A little more about meMartin, as an experienced digital strategist and technically focused project manager, heads up Pixelbuilders’ client facing and consultancy services. He believes strongly in underpinning all digital objectives with tangible real-world results; be that increases in the bottom line, visible efficiency savings or delivering a better customer service to the end-client. If you ask Martin, there’s no point in just doing something without a purpose. With a background in financial management and over 15 years in the digital sector, he has a keen eye for detail and loves to problem solve.

Project Spotlight - Strata
They push us (in a good way). They're unbelievably creative and forward thinking as an organisation, it really challenges me to think faster, better and more logical. They envision the end goal, no matter how advanced, and I have the pleasure in helping them get there. And, without sounding to corny, I really like the team there - I spend a day a week with them and really look forward to it.

Take a look
Martin's favourite quote "Reach for the stars, you might hit the ceiling. Reach for the ceiling you won't even get off the floor."

Bill Shankly (even though Martin's not a Liverpool fan)