1 Mar, 2019

Behind the Scenes - Pixel Towers 2018

2018, What a Year...

You may have already read about the highlights and successes of 2018 for Pixelbuilders as a business but I’m going to fill you in on some of the behind the scenes office highlights. 
Here at Pixelbuilders we are proud to have such a positive workplace culture which evidently attracts talent, impacts happiness and results in effective and high performances. In order to maintain this sense of community we work hard to play hard.
The first Friday of every month sees the Directors kindly get us all together for a group lunch, you name it we’ve had it - Fish ‘n’ Chips, Burrito’s, Pizza and even a trip to our local TGI Fridays. This allows us the opportunity to come together and celebrate our successes and appreciate one another.

August saw us do our very first Pixelbuilders Summer Day Out where we headed off to Temple Newsam for an afternoon on the popular outdoor adventure activity “Go Ape”. To say we were excited (if not a little apprehensive) is a huge understatement but in true Pixel style we threw everything at it and apart from Rachael’s cut finger and a few bumps, bruises and blisters we made it through in record time.

Highlights being the rather unattractive attire which created a few remarks and sniggers, Andy Boot overcoming his fear of heights and successfully completing the 11m Plummet challenge and Martin Hoyle, Olly and Jake putting the rest of us to shame showing how they could pull themselves along a 8m rope wall using only their arms (proving how closely related to the ape species they really are!!!!)
A recent Pixel night out saw a new realisation that Rachael has an extremely flat head and she can successfully balance a pint of beer without the worry of any spillages. Always good to know if we ever go anywhere where there are limited tables.
Christmas was a magical time at Pixel Towers – our Christmas night out was early on in December and what a night it was! It started with an announcement of the exciting news about our new upstairs office where we all went and had a look around. This was the venue for the prestigious Pixel 2018 Awards……. hosted by our very own Mr Oates – Awards went to Rachael, Lucy, Sam and lastly, I got the award for Team Member of the Year which was most unexpected but I was absolutely delighted – my certificate will forever sit proudly on my wall at home.

Martin Oates As The Mad Hatter - Pixelbuilders

For the party, we headed off to The Pitt in Leeds where we enjoyed an afternoon of Beer Pong/Table Football/Darts and Table Tennis in our very own private room, finished off with a Cocktail Masterclass. Due to the competitive nature of some of our staff whilst playing Beer Pong, we unfortunately lost a few team members before the food was served who blamed it on Andy Ackroyd’s killer shot.
The last day at Pixel Towers before we broke up for Christmas saw the annual tradition of Secret Santa, again hosted by Martin Oates dressed as the big man himself - can you see a theme here? With our group fuddle lunch, it was the perfect end to the year and I for one can’t wait to see what fun and frolics we’ll get up to in 2019!!!!!

Martin Oates As Santa - Pixelbuilders