26 Sep, 2018

Designers Get Their Colour on in 2018

We had a feeling 2018 was going to be a bright and beautiful year but little did we know just how bright and how beautiful it would turn out to be.
It’s the world of design that’s bringing all the vibrancy into our lives at the moment as designers embrace the latest trends for bright and we mean bright colours.

Top of the colour palette it seems is pink (although perhaps not for long…). It’s no longer just pretty and pastel, it’s punchy and powerful. We’re seeing it used as both accent colours and as a new kind of neutral that’s taking designers away from more traditional greys, whites and blacks.

Who’s doing it well?


Why don’t we think it’ll be around for long though? Well, if you ask Pantone, they’re backing Ultra Violet as the new Pantone Colour of the Year 2018. They described it as “dramatically provocative and thoughtful” which we’re certainly not arguing with so what will the ultimate outcome be, is pink the colour to rule them all or will ultra violet take over as we move into the last 6 months of 2018?

Elsewhere, designers are echoing the same trends we’re seeing in fashion at the moment, introducing 80s technicolour schemes and hot tropical palettes. Part of the success of these bold colours is the evolution of flat design, now dubbed flat 2.0 and with the recent reintroduction of modern gradients to improve user experience and functionality, this trend shows no sign of losing popularity. Offering the opportunity to indulge in some seriously bright colour transitions and allowing designers to expand their colour palettes, this is one area where things are really getting colourful.

Who’s doing it well?


And as with every trend, there are those that are going one step further than most, with a few brave web designers even daring to bring back Brutalism. These love it or hate it kind of websites often use bright, bold and clashing colours to create statement websites that use “ugliness” to create what we’re calling uncomfortable engagement. It’s not for everyone but if you’re feeling brave then it’s one sure fire way to make a design statement this year.

Who’s doing it well?


It’s time to get your colour on!