Senior Digital Designer
Gabbi Hudson
About me
Pixel Points:
Pixel Power:
Vector Provider
Weapon of choice:
Drunken affection
I'm stressed or I'm hungry
Desert Island Disc:
At San Quentin Johnny Cash
Spirit Animal:
Gabbi, Senior Digital Designer
What I do...
  • Seriously impressive digital artwork

  • Talk about my dog a lot

  • Leave hairballs

  • Wear black

  • Put the illustrate in Adobe Illustrator
What I don't do...
  • Get Jakes references :(

  • Wear anything that’s not black

  • Eat things without mayo

  • Dab effectively

  • Lose a thumb war
Little more about meGabriella joined us in 2016, fresh from successfully completing her degree in Digital Media at the University Of Leeds. She's here to help keep our Creative Director Andy on his toes and bring a new, creative perspective to the Pixel team. Her forte is creating original designs that regularly showcase her impressive Illustrator skills.

Project Spotlight - Bell Merchandise
I really enjoy the cleaness of this website, I feel like the the brief was handled really well and fits the client perfectly. I love that we have managed to encompass the quality, warmth and history of this company whilst maintaining the simplicity & practicallity.

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My favourite quote“Never look back darling it distracts from the future"

Edna Mode