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Steeper Group

The brief

Steeper’s old website had been built up over many years and, as a result, had become clouded in both its user journey and understanding of its target audience. Steeper, as a company, combine the latest technology with years and years of experience to deliver a service and product in a sensitive marketplace and, ultimately, needed a website that helped position them as the world leaders in the sector.

What we did

We delivered a modern and multi-audience focused catalogue website to promote Steeper’s products and services in both the UK and USA markets.

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Multiple-target audiences

Like many of our health sector websites, Steeper have the unenviable task of meeting the needs of many different audiences; from patients and their families through to prosthetic specialists and medical professionals. This mix of audiences possesses the problem of delivering highly technical information to one audience, whilst helping any non-technical users understand how Steeper could help them in a way that isn’t patronising.
We worked with Steeper to design a user experience that first sought to satisfy the needs of patients and their families – with clear product filtering and images at the heart of the catalogue, backed up by an insight section outlining the successes Steeper delivers. For doctors and specialists, we have sections dedicated to their extra needs including downloads of key product performance information.

Steeper Website on Phone - Pixelbuilders
Steeper Website on Phone with Plectrum - Pixelbuilders

Ecommerce experience

Whilst you can’t actually buy products via the website, the products sections are very much taking our learnings as an ecommerce specialist agency.
The multiple catalogues per specialism are purposefully set out in clear and meaningful categories to aid users in to the area that most suits their needs. The filtering system then allows users to cross-reference that area to further specify products that meet their exact requirements.
Multiple product images and a product overview give those without product knowledge an overview of how it can help them; those requiring further or more technical information can then dig down and satisfy their own needs.

Interweaving the Steeper story

Approaching their 100th birthday means that Steeper has an amazing story to tell. It’s this story, the historic expertise of their whole team, their patient success stories and the intrinsic value of these items combined that really differentiate Steeper from its competitors. Because of this, it was really important the site promoted these aspects clearly and doesn’t treat them as secondary to the products.

Key performance statistics

Since go live of the new website, Steeper have seen a 27% increase in overall traffic, a 40% increase in total pages viewed, the average visitor session time increase by 10% and bounce rate drop site wide.
On mobile and tablet devices, visitors are now viewing more per visit than before on average and total visits from mobile devices have increased by almost 50%.
Steeper Group Website on Mobile - Pixelbuilders
"For our team, this website really played to our strengths and experience – combining three of our key sectors into one; health, engineering and ecommerce.

This meant, from the start, we really knew we could deliver something, alongside the great team at Steeper, that would elevate them in their sector and allow them to continue to do the great work they do helping thousands of people every year."

Martin Oates,
Commercial Director,