Website Development


The brief

Proactis is global company supporting over 1000 clients and 3 million users with spend management and sales software. After going through a full re-brand, Proactis challenged us to build a brand-new website to reflect that new brand and implement a full digital marketing strategy to effectively introduce that brand to their global audience. 

What we did

We combined our knowledge of multi-lingual SEO with our Kentico expertise to create a highly visible website capable of supporting high traffic volumes.

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Multi-agency collaboration

We worked alongside Proactis’ long standing creative agency to successfully take their new brand identity online. Our role was to interpret the brand guidelines for a digital environment, thinking carefully about the user interface design, the user experience and the user journey. Taking the new brand logo as our inspiration, we also developed animated effects and interactive elements to make the website more engaging and easier to use.  

Proactis Brand Image in Plectrum - Pixebuilders

Brand awareness and increased visibility

To launch the new Proactis brand we used a combination of pay per click advertising, social media marketing, content marketing and good ‘old-fashioned’ search engine optimisation. Initially display PPC advertising was used to drive increased brand awareness and gain visibility for the new brand within both affinity and in-market audiences. Alongside this we also managed a complementary social media strategy that pushed the new brand messaging and key on site landing pages to help create a consistent, multi-channel brand message.
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Multi-lingual search engine optimisation (SEO)

The SEO strategy for Proactis really had two halves. The first half concerned building in as many search engine friendly features as possible within the original development phase. This included restructuring the website so that the previously separate domains for each target country became sub-domains under the primary .com domain.

Hreflang attributes were used to indicate to search engines which pages should be shown to which visitors and the Lang attribute was implemented to declare the set language for each sub domain. PageSpeed was also a primary concern and as a result images were optimised and appropriately sized before being uploaded through the CMS and where possible CSS and JS files were compressed.

The second half of the SEO strategy kicked in after go live. Fresh content was continually added to the Proactis website in the form of whitepapers, insights and events to encourage return visitors and regular indexing by search engine crawlers. Keyword research was used to re-optimise key onsite content and effectively balance the brand messaging and tone of voice with high relevancy for high volume keywords and we continued to make improvements to PageSpeed.
Proactis Website on Phone - Pixelbuilders

Key Performance Statistics

In the first seven months since the new website launch and the introduction of a new digital marketing strategy, the number of sessions has increased by 119% when compared with the previous seven months. Pageviews are up by 127% and users have increased by 106% during the same reporting period.


Pages per session, bounce rate and average session duration also improved and key conversions like contact form submissions, event registrations and white paper downloads also increased.