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The brief

Onesys is the largest UK partner of Global Business Systems and they are part of the Sage Professional Services Division. When we first started working together there were three websites in the Onesys Group to look after but today that number has more than doubled as Onesys have successfully continued to grow through acquisition.

Over that time, we have been tasked with seamlessly introducing each of those new acquisitions into the Onesys brand and continuing to support their online presence through search engine optimisation and pay per click advertising. 

What we did

We seamlessly integrated each new business acquisition into the Onesys family through consistent yet complementary design supported by extensive search marketing.

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Consistent and complementary design

The range of businesses acquired by the Onesys group brought with them a very diverse range of colour palettes! A key concern for Onesys was retaining the brand awareness these companies had established over their lifetime as independent businesses, while still making them visually part of the Onesys brand. To do this, the original brand colours for each new acquisition were retained while the websites were rebuilt using the same standardised template, with the same header and navigation layout and the addition of both their own logo and the Onesys logo.

This was done to create a recognisable pattern or layout across all the websites in the group, creating visual consistency between them all, without ‘washing out’ their original branding. To further unify the brands, there are plans for Onesys to update their own logo in order to reference the brand colours introduced to the company through their acquisitions as well, so watch this space!


Ongoing search engine optimisation

With multiple websites to manage and complex link structures between them all to maintain as well, a strong link strategy was key for the success of Onesys’ ongoing SEO. To do this, we used Kentico’s capability of managing multiple websites through one content management system, in order to streamline the process.

We also routinely crawl the website using a combination of different tools to identify any broken or redirected links and address them accordingly, so we’re always on top of things. Keyword research and extensive keyword mapping are also vital in order to avoid self-competition and keyword cannibalisation across the websites in the group, so all new landing pages and content additions are carefully considered and fully optimised before go live.

Boosting traffic with pay per click advertising​

With a busy events calendar and strong competition in the software and systems market, it was important to leverage PPC advertising in order to give Onesys greater visibility within key market sectors and product ranges. Using a mixture of display ads and search ads, we have been able to successfully increase their brand awareness and boost impressions for key campaign messages, while also driving more highly engaged traffic to the website and increasing conversions across several product areas.

What Katie at Onesys says...

"Onesys ISM first starting working with Pixelbuilders when we needed a website creating for both our OrderlineBOX and Sage Coretime product. We found them to be very professional and their interest in our product areas gave us a huge confidence in their ability to deliver the websites that we needed to both show off our brand and improve overall performance. We were extremely satisfied with the results.

In 2016 it was recognised within Onesys ISM that we needed to focus more on the SEO and PPC of our Sage Coretime website. Our first port of call was Pixelbuilders and they didn’t disappoint, they already knew all about our product area and where we wanted to get to so we could get started straight away.

In the months that Pixelbuilders have been working with us we have noticed a significant improvement in the quality of the enquiries that we have been getting. The reporting and communication from Pixelbuilders is fantastic and always lets us know month by month what has been achieved and what is still outstanding.
The team at Pixelbuilders are all approachable, friendly and professional and I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else for all our Digital Marketing and website development."

Katie Chambers, Marketing Coordinator


Key statistics

Collectively, traffic to the websites in the Onesys Group increased by more than 88% when we compare 2018 to 2017.