Web System

Fox's Biscuits

The brief

Fox’s Biscuits asked us to help them develop a New Product Development System that would be entirely web based. The new system would be designed to manage a new product through the development process; increasing ownership of the process. Initial project targets outlined a need for improved project visibility across a variety of projects. An ability for multiple users to access it simultaneously from the different sites that Fox’s operate and the system would also need to increase the level of MI available.

What we did

We developed a bespoke web system tailored to meet Fox's key business needs, in order to help them create tasty new biscuits in a streamlined and efficient way.
Biscuits on a Plate - Pixelbuilders

Starting with a blank canvas

The system was developed from scratch in ASP.NET. The benefit of this is that we were able to start with a blank canvas, delivering exactly what they needed - rather than trying to adapt existing functionality or fit Fox's into a position they didn't want. 

Management information is a valuable commodity for an organisation like Fox's Biscuits. That's why throughout the process we were looking at how data could be captured, interpreted and reported on - this includes the ability for users to create reports based on their own chosen metrics.

Greater control

The system is designed to manage a new product through the development process. It gives Fox's more control and visibility across a variety of projects and enables multiple users to access it simultaneously from the different sites from which they operate. The informative UI allows users to instantly understand key information and get overviews of key data.

Party Ring Biscuits - Pixelbuilders

Bespoke development 

We built a bespoke .NET web system for them to help improve their product development and packaging processes. It includes two separate websites which share a single sign on across multiple domains and has the two sites interacting with each other at key stages of product development.

It also requests input from external Fox's suppliers at various stages and it also includes external bespoke Windows tasks that run at a set/date and time to inform users on the platform if they have any outstanding tasks.

Key performance statistics

Since launching these two bespoke web systems for Fox's Biscuits, they have benefitted from enhanced product visibility and easier product management. It has also improved user management and the ability for multiple users to access the site and not to mention significantly increasing business efficiencies and levels of MI available.
“We chose pixelbuilders because they demonstrated experience in taking a business process and making it into a web-based system. They have created a  bespoke system that is easy to use, gives immediate high level overviews of key data and meets the specific needs of our business.”

Kate Needham,
Head of New Product Development,
Fox’s Biscuits