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Dynamic Networks Group

The brief

Dynamic Networks have been working with us for quite a while now. It all started with their PPC and SEO managment before the decision was made to redesign and redevelop the website. This decision came as part of the ongoing search engine optimisation work, which had identified several key areas where a new fully content managed website would give them the flexibility they needed to improve their SEO and marketing even further.

What we did

We created a new website that is not only search engine friendly, but also sets a new standard for websites in the IT sector, making Dynamic Networks definitely stand out from the crowd. 

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Going against the grain

To ensure the new Dynamic Networks website stood out from the crowd we researched key competitors’ sites and identified the typical industry colour schemes and imagery being used (which was cool blues, grey tones and greyer than grey shots of wires and technical hardware by the way). With that in mind, we deliberately created designs that were completely unrecognisable from this standard style.

Instead the website uses a variety of quirky images including googley eyes and chattering teeth. Modern images paired with their vintage equivalents were used to visualise the upgrades and transformations and to create a strong visual impact, we used a fluid width video capable of working across multiple screen sizes coupled with text animation executed using JQuery, to really engage users from their first interaction with the site.
Dynamic Networks Website Screenshot - Pixelbuilders

Focusing on usability

it was really important that the new Dynamic Networks website was easy to use, not just for their end user but for the Dynamic Networks internal team too. To make this a reality, we used Kentico’s Custom Module to give site editors the ability to manage some of their own site wide settings. This includes things such as the video background Vimeo ID and the default banner images. 

Elsewhere, widgets are used to allow the easy creation of new content pages, which can be flexibly structured to suit the content. Masonry blocks (developed using a JQuery plugin) also provide the flexibility to link through to other key services and pages on the website, helping to build complex internal link structures, without compromising the overall design thanks to the cascading grid layout.
Dynamic Networks Website on Phone - Pixelbuilders
"We would like to thank the entire team at Pixelbuilders for all their hard work in creating our new website which we believe is trending way ahead of the curve for our industry. It has been a great experience to align with a team that believes in innovation as much as we do!"

James Baird,
Dynamic Networks