Web System


The brief

AMOS, the trading arm of ADVDA, approached us for help with the delivery of a brand new vehicle movement system. The project centred on ensuring this web system would be robust enough to handle vast quantities of jobs every day, while still delivering an intuitive user experience which would ensure a strong uptake across both customers and suppliers. 

What we did

We created an online vehicle movement system, one which would not only be robust enough to handle vast quantities of jobs but still deliver intuitive user experience.

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A fully managed process

The online vehicle movement management system is designed to allow customers to upload vehicle movement jobs, singularly or in bulk, and for suppliers to claim and fulfil those jobs. Once claimed, the system manages the process from initial upload, through the claiming stage and then onto collection/delivery before the job is completed and is then billed appropriately.

Delivering form and function

Traditionally the focus when creating web systems is function over form, but for AMOS it was important we delivered both form and function.

To do this we approached this web system design in the same way we approach website design, combining website usability best practices; such as using clear calls to action, simple navigation and a clean layout with the additional data filtering and sorting functionality important for this system’s intended users.

Essentially we took a data focused design approach to ensure the web system for AMOS can communicate vast quantities of on screen information both clearly and effectively.

Workflows and integrations

As well as extensive data filtering and data sorting functionality, the vehicle movement system for AMOS also features several other key technical features. Workflows ensure that the right jobs are completed and in cases where a job is aborted or changed, the right information is communicated timely and clearly, to ensure supplier revenue is protected and customer satisfaction is delivered.
  • Bulk CSV uploads and CSV exports are enabled to allow the easy transfer of data from the web system for use in other external systems and software.

  • Xero API to deliver automated billing and invoicing between customers and suppliers. 

  • Google Maps API automatically calculated and the associated mileage costs accounted for.

  • Over eight different user types built into the system and the interface is customisable down to each individual’s roles and permissions

Team insight

"The Automove system is a great example of how our skills and experience can make a very technical and functional system extremely user friendly. Too often bespoke software is designed by the developer themselves with no thought about the end user… “As long as it works, who cares how it works”. We take our experience in UX from a broad range of sectors and projects and apply this to all our web based applications to ensure that, no matter how technical or complex a solution, a user of any experience can use and understand the interface."

Martin Oates,
Commercial Director,

Key statistics

In the six months since the new vehicle movement management system has been in place, it has processed thousands of jobs from the claiming stage right through to completion and vehicles have been moved across the length and breadth of the UK, from Falkirk to Exeter.