Senior Web Developer
Warren Hanson
About me
Pixel Power:
I'd hope web development...
Door frames, low ceilings...
Arch Enemy:
New JavaScript libraries
Yeah, sure, I can do that, no worries
Spirit Animal:
Warren, Senior Web Developer
What I do...
  • Bring exceptionally designed websites to life

  • Help others where I can

  • Always give my best effort

  • Refuse to use standard CSS

  • Expect everything to be broken on IE/Outlook
What I don't do...
  • Half a job

  • Give up on difficult problems

  • Remember nights out

  • Play basketball

  • Touch Apple products
Little more about meWarren joined the Pixel team during the summer of 2020, fresh from finishing his degree in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield. Alongside his degree Warren also gained valuable experience in .NET and web development during in a work placement and took part in some rather impressive charity work, both organising and taking part in hitchhikes across the UK and Europe. He made it as far as Riga, Latvia!

As busy as all that sounds, when he's not working hard and doing good, Warren still likes to keep active. Cycling is a particular favourite activity of his (and he even put this skill to good use as part of Deliveroo, back in the day) and he's currently getting back into tennis. 
My favourite quote"Don’t settle for an ordinary life. Its easy to be ordinary. Anybody can do that."

CT Fletcher