Junior Front End Developer
Sam Sutton
About me
Giving my all for every project
Forgetting my headphones
Do you know what I mean?
Desert Island Disc:
Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Spirit Animal:
Arch Enemy:
People who don’t put their trolly back
Sam, Junior Front End Developer
What I do...
  • Build awesome websites
  • Drink lots of tea
  • Moan about Bolton Wanderers
  • Pester Carl with questions
  • Embrace new ideas and technologies
What I don't do...
  • Back away from a challenge
  • Stop learning
  • Say no the desert menu
  • Half a job
  • Plug a USB in first time
A little more about meAs a Front-End Developer at Pixel, my job is to take the amazing designs produced by the design team and convert them into functional, responsive, and interactive websites. My typical day involves building widgets and templates ready for the backend team to implement into the CMS and drinking lots of brews.

Following the designs produced by the design team, I use HTML, CSS & JS to create templates and widgets ready for the backend team, adding interactivity and responsiveness along the way, and I do this by breaking a project down into individual widgets and building the site piece by piece.

I enjoy working with SASS in order to produce clean efficient CSS. I also like to use TypeScript which is great for producing robust and maintainable JavaScript.

When not at work I like to spend a lot of time keeping fit at the gym. I listen to lots of music and love going to gigs. As a Bolton Wanderers fan my Saturday afternoons are usually disappointing.

Sam often works on projects with...