Digital Designer
Melissa Lee
About me
Adapting to change
Meeting a dog and it not liking me
Cool, no problem!
Desert Island Disc:
The Black Parade – My Chemical Romance
Spirit Animal:
Chameleon – I wish I had the ability to change colour that easily
Arch Enemy:
Tall people that stand directly in front of me in crowds
Melissa, Digital Designer
What I do...
  • Use auto-layout as much as possible
  • Complain about inaccessible colour schemes
  • Keep learning and developing my skills
  • Buy new houseplants, only to forget to water them
  • Spend a lot of time watching cute animal videos
What I don't do...
  • Design websites that aren’t responsive
  • Ignore briefs
  • Let my devices run out of charge
  • Keep the same hair colour for more than 2 months
  • Raisins
A little more about meI work alongside the rest of the design team to make exciting, innovative websites and engaging social content. When I’m not working on a new website project, I’m helping to improve and update existing client site designs or making graphics and animations for socials using some of my favourite tools such as Figma and Adobe Suite.

When I'm not working I like going to as many gigs as possible, cooking new dishes and this year, (after years of hating exercise) I’ve found a passion for aerial hoop and pole fitness.