Digital Account Manager
Jessie Kenvyn
About me
Pixel Points:
Arch Enemy:
Pen stealers
Not having a notebook
Weapon of choice:
A notebook
Can I ask a question?
Spirit Animal:
Jessie, Digital Account Manager
What I do...
  • Keep a very tidy and organised notebook

  • Correct everyone's spelling and grammar

  • Show everyone pictures of my dog

  • Enjoy biscuits

  • Help solve problems

What I don't do...
  • Maths

  • Turn up to work without a bag full of stuff

  • Fish

  • A bad job

  • Forget my notebook

A little more about meJessie joined the Pixel team in October 2019 as the new Digital Account Manager. Jessie has worked in digital client management since graduating from university in 2012 and has worked with many different types of clients over the years. Jessie loves a good list (you should see how she keeps her notebooks!) and will always make sure she is available to anyone who needs help whether that be a client or a colleague.  


My favourite quote"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose."

Doctor Seuss