Junior Digital Designer
Jamie Peel
About me
Arch Enemy:
Rubbish playlists
Have you heard this song...?
Spirit Animal:
Jamie, Junior Digital Designer
What I do...
  • Design pretty and exciting digital things

  • Listen to music 24/7

  • Point out every dog I walk past

  • Lift heavy things at the gym

  • Learn everything I can about design
What I don't do...
  • Design awful looking digital things

  • Sunday dinners

  • Have just one beer

  • Wash the dishes

  • Leg day
Little more about me

I joined Pixelbuilders in 2021 after having completed my degree in Computer Science and my certification in Google’s UX Design. I absolutely love design and spend far too much time scrolling through Instagram and different blogs looking at other people’s work.

Outside of work I DJ, go to the gym, play volleyball, read and cook a lot. I also spend most of my life on Spotify either finding new music or making new playlists.

My favourite quote

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”