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Chris, Senior Web Developer
What I do...
  • Always make time to support other members of the team - not just the Development team!

  • Learn new tips and tricks from videos on Pluralsight

  • Put the Senior into Senior Developer

  • Lose sleep over bad code formatting

  • Look for cheap flights to anywhere and everywhere
What I don't do...
  • Stop trying to improve 

  • Understand how Josh can eat biscuits for breakfast

  • Remember what I did yesterday

  • Appreciate chart music
A little more about meChris joined us in 2012 as a Developer after graduating from Leeds Metropolitan University with a BSc in Computing. He has since risen quickly through the ranks to become our Senior Developer and has worked on several of our most high profile projects such as Hemingway Tailors and Strata.

Project Spotlight - StrataStrata was the first high profile website I had ever worked on so I’m proud to see this site and Strata doing so well after all this time of working with them. It’s great to know that Strata are also proud of their website and it’s good to see them really take advantage of the website I built.

Although it has been a few years since the first website we built for Strata, and it’s been through several redesigns and amends, a lot of the original code that I wrote is still used and is still performing really well. For example, most of the forms on the website are integrated with Salesforce which has helped them to improve their customer process visibility and sales conversions.

We have since integrated the website with Salesforce further to push viewing appointments directly into development specific calendars and also created a portal for their customers to track the progress of their house build and the status of their mortgage application. We’ve done this by integrating with the Salesforce API to receive data about a customer and display it to them in a user friendly format.

We still work very closely with Strata on a weekly basis and they are constantly looking for ways to further integrate the website into their internal processes and systems to improve their business. It’s great knowing that the first website I built for them impressed them enough that they wanted to work more closely with us.

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My favourite quote“Give a man fire and he's warm for the day. But set fire to him and he's warm for the rest of his life."

Terry Pratchett