Web Developer
Carl Humphreys
About me
Arch Enemy:
Slow internet
Running out of seasonings
That’s not enough garlic
Spirit Animal:
Carl, Web Developer
What I do...
  • Bring designs to life

  • Press a lot of keys

  • Keep learning

  • Make delicious food

  • Read all the things
What I don't do...
  • Make boring websites

  • Eat meat

  • Stick to one genre of music

  • Walk by dogs without calling them a good boy

  • Understand quantum mechanics
A little more about meI graduated from St Andrews University with a degree in physics and promptly left the world of equations to join the world of web development, which continues to expand (much like the universe) so there’s never a dull moment. Most of my work revolves around bringing the design team’s gorgeous designs to life, adding interactivity and motion that works on all devices (…except smart watches – for now!)
When I’m not staring at a screen pressing keys, I like to carry on my roots in experimentation in the kitchen instead of the laboratory and make whatever interesting veggie recipe I found in books or online.
My favourite quote"No one is more dangerously insane than one who is sane all the time"

Alan Watts