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We’ll be the first to admit that the digital industry has a penchant for buzzwords and jargon, but digital transformation isn’t one of those. For once, digital transformation actually means exactly what it says, it’s about transforming your business through the use of digital technologies, tools, theories and data, into a more efficient, effective and successful version of your business. The term may be new, but the practice has been an integral part of what we do since 2008.
We have transformed the way many businesses work, from overhauling project ownership and transparency, to transforming savings account application processes, to revolutionising data accuracy and internal security to reimagining how to onboard new customers.

There's nothing that can't be transformed with the right way of thinking...

Digital Transformation
The Pixel way Transforming your business To transform your business, it’s not just about investing in loads more digital tools, a new website isn’t enough, more integrations won’t cut it and even better reporting will fall short if it’s not accompanied by the right strategy and a new way of thinking about your business. That’s why we use our tried and tested approach: discover, design, develop and deliver, to make sure your digital transformation is a success.

The story so far Our experience and expertise We mentioned that digital transformation has been a part of what we do since day one and as a result, we have plenty of experience working with our clients to help make their digital investments integral to and valuable for their businesses. To date we've helped design and build a new product development and packaging management system for Fox's Biscuits, transforming their project ownership and transparency. We created a savings account application for Harrod's Bank, revolutionising their data accuracy, internal efficiencies and security and we've devised a compliant equity release on-boarding platform for Retirement Bridge, changing the way they approve new applications.
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