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Web-based Systems Are Go

21 May, 2013

More and more of our clients are coming to us with problems to which a web-based system is the answer – and it seems to be a growing trend across the digital market. We thought we’d share our top few reasons why more of your business systems will be web-based in the future.

1. Cost

As always in this day and age, the impact on your bottom line is everything. Making a business system web-based is a far more cost-effective solution than putting duplicate copies of a piece of software on all your organisation’s computers.
Pawnbrokers Albemarle Bond has 250 shops across the UK, for example. The crime prevention and reporting system we developed for them needed installing in one central location, though – and all 250 stores could access it.

2. Scaleability

This flexibility means you can flex a web-based system easily to meet your needs. The New Product Development (NPD) system we’ve built for Fox’s Biscuits can work for a handful of users – or hundreds.

Similarly, Fox’s Biscuits currently need to access their NPD system from a variety of sites where the people involved in the NPD process sit. Fox’s could treble the number of sites needing access with minimal hassle and cost.

3. Cross-Platform Compatibility

To use Fox’s Biscuits as an example again, one of the benefits of their web-based system is that it can be accessed by a computer with any kind of operating system – it just needs a web browser. Factory staff using PCs, design guys with Apple Macs, execs with Android-based tablets can all access the system provided their computer is linked to the secure network.

4. Security

Worried about industrial secrets falling into the hands of your competitors because someone’s left a laptop on the train? Think again. With web-based system all confidential data – about your customers, your staff or your products – is stored securely on a server and not on individual computers. For a business like Fox’s Biscuits, where new product development has to be a closely guarded secret to help Fox’s stay ahead of the game, this can be critical.

There are many more benefits to web-based systems – they’re easy to use and easy to maintain and update, for example. If you want to know more about the web systems we’ve developed for the clients mentioned above, or to learn more about how we can help your business, call us today and we’ll be happy to help.