24 Jul, 2018

We Have Some Exciting News...

We have some exciting news…the finalists in the UK Agency Awards have been announced and in a rather unexpected but very flattering twist, Pixelbuilders have been shortlisted…not once…but TWICE!!
The two categories we’re competing in are Best Agency Culture, and Most Impressive Small Agency Growth. Actually winning in either of these categories is going to be a tall order but fingers crossed we’re up to the job. Not only are we up against some stiff competition, but we also have no less than 20 leading professionals from companies including Aviva, M&S and Google to impress on the judging panel.

We are most honoured by our nomination for Best Agency Culture (but we’re thrilled about having our recent growth noticed too) because this is something that’s pretty close to all three of our Directors’ hearts.

We are up against 7 other companies in this category, the largest one boasting 300 employees, while our own team is currently just 15 strong, but we think this is a big part of what makes our company so successful. For us it’s not about finding lots of people to do the job, it’s about finding the right people to do the job.  

To find the right people for Pixelbuilders we have been working hard for a number of years, striving to create a company culture that is not only inspiring for our team, but also fun and enjoyable, so people want to come to work and want to spend time with their colleagues and that’s what makes a Pixelbuilder. This willingness to want to be together in turn nurtures the creative thinking and fluid decision making that the fast paced industry we’re working in absolutely thrives on.

Of course, a big part of any company’s culture is the office they work in as well. And yes, we do have the clichéd digital agency pool table, but it’s not there for decoration or to create the illusion of a fun and relaxed place to work. It’s actually a vital tool for many of our team. It gets people up and out from behind their desks, provides a sometimes welcome break from the screen and encourages friendly (serious) competition and teamwork.

Pool’s not for everyone though, and we recognise our team is made up of individuals so we also have a cosy breakout area with comfy chairs and quiet corners for reading, chatting and doing the odd crossword too. We get together once a month as a team for lunch as well, with Pixelbuilders footing the bill to show our appreciation for everyone’s continual hard work and to get everyone together in an informal, no strings attached way. We think this is an award-winning agency culture so hopefully the judging panel do too.

When it comes to the category for Most Impressive Small Agency Growth we are competing against 8 companies that have all grown rapidly in the last 12 months just like us so who will win this one is anybody’s guess.

Our team has grown by let’s say, three and a half new staff in 2018. First we employed Chris Withers as our second digital project manager, followed by Vicky, our invaluable office manager and then Jake, our new UX designer. The half refers to the return of our developer Josh Holt who jetted off on his jollies for 6 month’s to travel the world…not quite a new hire but still another desk to squeeze in.

It’s been an exciting year for us so far and to come away with another award (or maybe awards!) would be the icing on the cake. Fingers crossed.