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We’re Getting Ready For Kentico 11

4 September, 2017

Kentico 11 is set to be released on December 11th this year (2017) and we’re eagerly awaiting this latest version of the content management system, after teasers were revealed about the new features it includes at Kentico’s Global Roadshow.

It was Kentico’s director of product, Karol Jarkovsky who gave these initial insights into what we can expect from Kentico 11 and one thing’s for sure, it promises to be an exciting step forward.
There are three key areas where version 11 will differ from previous versions: email marketing and enhanced campaign management and ecommerce.

For email marketing, users can look forward to a Mailchimp-esque, widget based email builder. The company’s hopes is that this greater flexibility over email creation coupled with its native integration with data already collected within Kentico will help encourage more marketers to handle email marketing without third party platforms.

As for the enhanced campaign management, it is social media marketing that really reaps the benefits here. In Kentico 11, this particular tool will help marketers drill down into their social referral traffic further than ever before. Not only will marketers be able to see which social channels drove traffic to their website, but more specifically they will be able to see which social posts drove traffic too.

When it comes to ecommerce, Kentico 11 brings with it several key updates including more options to categorise products in to sections and sub-sections, better support for Google Analytics ecommerce tracking and the ability to implement delayed payments.

All in all, Kentico 11 is set to increase the productivity of non-technical users even further, with marketers in particular set to benefit from the new features.

Roll on December 11th!