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Our Latest Agency Update

10 July, 2017

We’ve Been RAR Recommended, Relocated and Revamped… 


As we’re now 7 months into 2017 it’s time for the traditional Pixelbuilders’ update, and this year there quite a bit to share already. Not only did our favourite project manager Lucy Addison get Google Certified and get married to become Mrs Harrison, but our developer Josh Holt also announced that he’s taking a trip across the world this summer.

His travels start in America and end in Australia and see him leaving the office for 6 whole months! But not to worry, he’ll be back in Pixel Towers just in time for 2018 with plenty of interesting stories to tell of his travels, which we are most definitely looking forward to hearing.

Thankfully, we have the brand new pool table to help us pass the time until his return, which has fitted nicely into our brand new office! Don’t worry we didn’t move far; you can still find us at The Tannery on Kirkstall road, but this time we’re on the first floor of the East Wing instead of on the second floor of the West Wing. Yup. The Tannery is definitely bigger than it looks.

As well as the pool table our brand new office boasts a separate kitchen and we also have a bigger boardroom with space for up to 8 people, in what we like to think are rather suave board room chairs. These were of course chosen to complement the brand new board table; a stylish wooden sleeper affair which completes the modern industrial décor we’ve got going on. We’ll leave the interior design lesson there though, this is a digital blog after all! So moving on, we also have a much needed server room and a soon-to-be-completed break out room (fingers crossed for wing-backed arm chairs in there).

But perhaps most importantly of all, our new office now has more space to accommodate our ever growing team. Most recently we welcomed aboard our brand new web developer Sam Kuhnbaum.  

Sam is here to help our development team continue to output even more new websites and enterprise level ecommerce solutions as well as taking some of the pressure off, while Josh is away gallivanting across the globe.

Speaking of new websites, 2017 has seen a number of new Pixel projects being released into the wild wild Web. To date we have launched a brand new ecommerce solution for The Plastic People and another heavily integrated ecommerce solution for Direct Blinds.

We created a brand new lead generation site for Chartford Homes, which makes the most of HTML5 to help enhance their SEO and last but by no means least, our developer Andy Boot completed three sites in one go for our client Cubed Resourcing, in what has to be some of the most efficient development work we’ve done to date.

Oh! And you may have noticed we revamped our own website too…