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Three New Faces Join Pixelbuilders

8 August, 2018

You may already have noticed (because it’s fair to say we have mentioned it once or twice before), but three brand new faces have joined the ranks here at Pixel Towers.

The first new arrival was Chris Withers. He’s joined Pixelbuilders as our new Digital Project Manager and he’s in very good company as he joins our long standing Digital PM, Lucy Harrison as she tackles our ever growing workload. Together they will balance the management of our now over 100 strong client portfolio, bringing organisation, efficiency and timescales to all. We’re calling them the dream team and so far, they’re living up to the title.

Chris is well used to managing large scale digital projects though, having previously worked with Aviva on their Graduate Scheme and completing a degree in Computing from Teesside University, which gives him the technical knowledge to easily bridge the gap between project management and development.

With the project management department all sorted, the next task was to bring some much needed organisation to the rest of the office. Now, we don’t know about you, but as a company that’s grown organically, many of the office management tasks tended to fall to whoever had a spare pair of hands at the time. Now with a team of 15, that was getting harder and harder to manage so that’s were our second new face comes in.

Vicky Wright is our brand new Office Manager, it’s a role we’ve never had before but already we’re struggling to remember how we ever managed without her. Having already worked for the Hilton, Park Plaza and QHotels as well as completing a degree in tourism management from Leeds Met University, Vicky has seriously upped our office hospitality and organisation.

With everything organised, you might expect that we didn’t need anyone else but alas, that wasn’t the case. Our design twosome Gabby and Andy have been wading through a mountain of images, wireframes, designs and artwork for the last few months, getting busier and busier with exciting new projects.

Thankfully, our Creative Director Andy Ackroyd spotted a CV that stood out from the rest and from here, we found our third new face. Jake Sharatt is now our brand new UX designer and affectionately deemed an Andy 2.0. Not only did Jake and Andy attend the same university and study the same course (albeit a few years apart), but they also share an affection for bold socks and Apple technology. They’re like two peas in a pod and between them and Gabby, our design team is stronger than ever.

Since becoming part of the team, all three newbies have settled in well and they have all been thrown in the deep end when it comes to their respective roles. It’s been a great start and we look forward to having them all here for many years to come.