20 Aug, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Having an NDA

Working in partnership with some of the brightest and best businesses in the UK, we sign a lot of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that prevent us from sharing the work we do together with the wider world.
Obviously, we’re cool with that – the customer is never wrong, after all. But we thought we’d take a look at the reasons for and against having an NDA in place with your digital agency.

Top reasons to use an NDA:

Generally speaking, you might want to think about having an NDA if you’re working with a supplier and:
  • You want to protect your intellectual property (“IP” – anything from your brand straplines to details about a new category-killing product you’re developing) from your competitors
  • Having the NDA in place will allow you to share extra information to make your project more successful
  • You’re white-label subcontracting your digital agency in to complete a project for one of your own clients

All good reasons – but there are also reasons against having an NDA…

  • Free publicity – you’ve probably worked with your agency to promote a product, spread a message, show off your brand – why wouldn’t you want a bit of extra exposure telling people just what you’ve done and how clever you are?
  • SEO – if you’ve been working with a good digital marketing agency, they probably have a fair bit of credit with Google. That context-rich link from their website to yours could be worth its weight in gold.
  • Brand halo – as with the clothes that you wear, your choice of digital agency says a lot about you to other people. Why not shout about your impeccable taste and style credentials and show off to your rivals just who you’ve been working with?

As we’ve said, we’re happy to leave such matters entirely to our client’s discretion. But if you’d like to chat more about we can help your business, call us today – in complete confidence of course!