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Life at a Digital Agency

17 March, 2015

Coming from a creative (but largely, corporate) background, I have always wondered what it would be like to work in a Digital Agency. Are the preconceived sterotypes of laid back, tea drinking, creative cool kids really true? Music in the office? Surely not. More relaxed working hours? How do you fit it all in? Previous experience in both multi and corporate media, and of course, as a consumer had provided me with an elementary insight into how the Digital Marketing industry worked, but aside from generalisations and preconceptions; I had no idea what to expect from life in an agency culture. 
First Month 
So let me start by saying, the stereotypes are completely founded on artificial and aesthetic generalisations. More so their implied connotations. Yes there is music in the office, yes we drink a lot if tea (and coffee), yes we are creative and expressive. However, the implication that this means the professionals working in the digital marketing industry do not work as hard as others are completely untrue. After all the marketplace is fiercely competitive, meaning the work produced in this industry has to be head and shoulders above the rest to get noticed. 
Learning to Juggle 
Amongst friends and family I have always had a reputation of being the busy one.  I continually have a packed schedule and a never ending to do list. Maybe not the greatest skillset for being the best friend in the world however, they do make me a great candidate for an agency role. Truth is, working in an agency is busy, really busy! You never know what to expect from day to day; with new projects coming through the door, website upgrades to implement, schedules to produce and not forgetting client meetings, I love it.  It exactly suits what I need to make me thrive. For others, it can be quite intense. Having to juggle multiple projects, whilst producing content across a spectrum of industries can be very challenging. But if you are dedicated and up for a challenge the rewards can be very rewarding. 
Pretty Pictures 
Another one of those profoundly genralised streotype; working in a digital agency means working in an incessant production line of creatives churning out pretty pictures to stick on a Wordpress template. Working with pixelbuilders certainly put that rumour to rest. Each project we work on is uniquely designed with consumers at the heart of everything we do. The team really value the fact that a website is so much more than a base for holding company information but an interactive platform for engaging with your customers, establishing brand values and driving business efficiencies. 
One of the best processes I have been a part of so far are the discovery workshops. I am a great believer that to really know someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes. And walk a mile we do! From factory tours to group consultations with expectant mums, the team really care about getting to know our client’s businesses and what your customers expect from you. Only then can the team have the knowledge to be able to find the best possible digital solution to help our clients achieve their company goals. 
I am genuinely amazed at how much diverse talent there is at pixelbuilders. I have to confess, my preconvied idea of web developer was one which am sure is perceived by many - darkened room, code writing, minimal human interaction – I am sure you get the rest. The pixelbuilders team are the complete opposite. They are passionate, love speaking to clients and are always happy to pass on their knowledge to other members of the team. I love that we don’t work in isolation, but all give each other our expert insights to help them fulfil their role 
In my first month alone I have been astonished at the magnitude and complexity of some the projects that the team have been involved in and the results that beautifully written code can achieve. In exploring previous and current projects I have had the pleasure of already meeting some fantastic clients and I am looking forward to getting to know more and working on some new exciting projects!