31 Jan, 2017

Kentico 10 is Here

As we may have mentioned once or twice on our digital blog, Kentico has long been our content management system (CMS) of choice thanks to the flexibility it offers our developers allowing the creation of increasingly more bespoke digital solutions, and the great user experience it delivers for our clients, so as you can imagine, a new Kentico version release is big news at Pixel Towers.
This latest update comes after an impressive 12 years on the market, and this year (2016) Kentico has now released Kentico 10. This latest version of the ASP.NET CMS platform, combined with the Kentico API, is being billed as the most affordable and extendable version to date.

As well as maintaining all the easy page management and multi-site functionality Kentico is renowned for, Kentico 10 also enables developers to create faster and more powerful ecommerce solutions and leverage email marketing, lead scoring and marketing automation to drive more online conversions.

Some notable new features in Kentico 10 include:
  • Cross-site Contact Profiles, which share relevant data across different web properties, allowing businesses to gain a more complete view of their customers’ activities on site, so they can deliver those customers exactly what they’re looking for
  • Licensing Custom Modules, this allows developers to add all kinds of custom functionality, organised within Kentico’s modules, and then provide these features to customers, leveraging the extendibility of the platform for the benefit of everyone
  • Ad-hoc Email Campaigns, which mean marketers can now quickly create and send emails to select contacts or contact groups rather than to the entire contact list. This allows greater spontaneity and more targeted email marketing, ultimately driving better engagement rates. Moreover, Kentico 10 will now assign each contact an email marketing status, for a clearer overview of your email marketing data
  • Email Marketing Dashboards, which give marketers easily accessible data, displayed in a user friendly and interactive format, ideal for gaining the key performance insights needed to inform future marketing strategies
For even more information about the impressive range of additions and changes coming with Kentico 10, we recommend you read Michal Kadák’s “All The Small Things Vol 1” article which you can find here.

In line with search engines’ increasing demand for fast page loads, Kentico 10 now also has 50% faster load and response times and can handle more than 100 million contacts and 1 billion activities, meaning it’s now ten times faster and ten times more capable than ever before.

In a company press release for the launch of Kentico 10, Karol Jarkovsky, Kentico’s Director of Product said “…Kentico 10 is a very clean, very elegant solution that’s ready for today’s business enterprise” and so far, we’d have to say she’s spot on.

We’re already looking forward to completing our first project using Kentico 10, so watch this space for more news on our experiences with Kentico 10.