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Introducing Josh

10 October, 2013

With the team at pixelbuilders making strides in the world of web development I’m excited to be able to announce my arrival on the scene.

My name is Josh Holt and I'm one of the new developers here at pixelbuilders. When I’m not toying with programming languages and new technologies I spend a lot of my time pedalling different bikes around the city, any moments that are left get swallowed up by my love for photography.

I can be a very competitive person; I can’t sit politely behind other cyclists because it feels like they’re winning. It is that competitiveness that keeps me passionate and motivated to constantly improve in everything that I do, from cycling to building software solutions.

Stepping into developer’s shoes, my role here at pixelbuilders is to turn my creativity, along with my technical knowledge, into vibrant, creative and functional web systems.

In the short time I’ve been working here the team have only emphasised the things that interested me in the company to begin with.  Unlike many other agencies, the team here are friendly and fun to work with whilst being highly professional and incredibly knowledgeable. It is so easy to communicate a problem or share a nifty piece of code around the office. I’m looking forward to showing what I can do and putting my name to some of great new projects that are in the pipeline!