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Introducing Gabriella

22 September, 2016

We are delighted to announce that we recently (well sort of recently) welcomed a brand new member to the Pixel team: Miss Gabriella Hudson.

Gabriella joined us on the 18th July, fresh from finishing her degree at Leeds University, but far from keeping her a secret, we've actually been keeping her so busy with all kinds of client work, that it's taken until now to tear her away from her desk, in order to take the required Pixelbuilders mug shot so we could finally introduce her properly.

We were in the privileged position as an agency, to bring Gabbi on board as our new Junior Designer to satisfy the demands of another successful year of new client wins, that ultimately led to greater demand for the talents of our design team.

Working alongside our Creative Director Andy Ackroyd, Gabbi is taking on more and more client work across a range of different digital projects, including website designs, email designs and branding exercises. But enough from us, here's a little bit more about Gabbi from the person who knows her best, herself! 

Hello, I'm Gabriella but my friends call me Gabbi. It's been great fun working with the guys at Pixelbuilders over the last few months and there are certainly plenty of big personalities in the office, which I think is just one reason why the office environment is both professional and fun. 

The fun factor is really important for me as part of the creative team too, because it encourages my creativity and imagination which is vital to my role. When I am not in the office though, you're probably most likely to find me out on the town in Leeds city centre.

I like a challenge and right now I am making it my mission to sample as many of the city's different places to eat and drink as I can. Otherwise I'll be at home scrolling through my Instagram feed checking out different new and innovative styles of art to keep me at the cutting edge of design.

Since working at Pixelbuilders I have learned loads, including getting to grips with my brand new Mac and the fact that I have a caffeine addiction. Thanks to the never ending supply of coffee (because what else does an agency run on?), it turns out I drink A LOT of coffee, but at least this means my mug collection can finally be put to excellent use! 

However, perhaps my greatest lesson has been finding out that you can do something you really enjoy and call it work.