2 Apr, 2015

How Digital Embraced April’s Fool Day!

In the UK it has become tradition that all pranking ends at midday so with a tight 12 hour window companies went all out to try fool their customers. From Selfie Shoes to Pacman, here are some of the best ones we found this year!

Google Maps – Pacman

One of the most talked about April Fool’s Jokes – Google Maps added the ability to view any location in the world as the Pacman Game. Fancy being chased down Oxford Street by Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde?

Santander- Cycle through Branch #SantanderCycles

Corporate Bank, Santander, released a Press Release and Social Media campaign claiming that they had opened a new cycle through branch which would allow customers to complete all of their banking transactions whilst still on their bikes. Super Eco-Friendly Santander!

Amazon 1999

Amazon took users back to 1999 by changing their website back to their 1999 version and set their products and content on their main page to all joke related content. Very good Amazon.

Google Back-to-Front

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, Google created a back to front version of their search engine, com.google – making even all the search results appear as a mirror image.  

Hailo Piggyback App

Hailo released a press statement claiming that customers could now use their smartphones to call on specifically trained ‘piggybackers’ to transport them to their destination.

Dominos - #DomiNoDriver

Domino’s claimed that they have revealed the world’s first driverless pizza delivery pod which customers could have deliver their pizzas to their homes. Once delivered the pod would text customers a special code which they could use to open the pod and collect their pizza.