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Digital Spotlight - Matt

24 November, 2015

At pixelbuilders, we believe knowledge should be nurtured and shared, which is why we are putting our team in the spotlight to give you some valuable insights into what goes on behind the scenes at a digital agency! 

Week three see the turn of our Web Development Team Lead Matt Lewis discussing responsive sites and advice for those looking to work in web development! 

Why did you want to become a Web Developer? 

I was always interested in computers growing up and luckily my school began to introduce tools (as bad as they were) for building websites during my secondary school years. I was also part of a group which won a year’s supply of energy for our school for building an energy/recycling conscious website which I suppose led me into aspiring to achieve more awards! 
Would you recommend responsive sites or mobile optimised sites and why? 

I think it depends on your situation; there are certainly pros and cons for each. Responsive websites are certainly our preferred method, it means having a single website and single URL – good for both SEO and content editing. It also means less loading time on mobile devices (which could be slow on a network connection) as there should be less redirects to separate mobile URLs. Responsive also means you can cater for any device such as tablets through a single application as opposed to say a website designed specifically for a mobile device.
What is the best piece of advice you would give to someone studying to work in web development? 

Always be prepared to take on new things and methods of working, the nature of web development is that it never stands still and you are constantly developing your skills. Be willing to read lots and take on ideas from others as it will drive you to be as good as you can be.

If you have any questions for Matt or would like to discuss any of our services please give our team a call today.