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Digital Spotlight - Martin

17 November, 2015

At pixelbuilders, we believe knowledge should be nurtured and shared, which is why we are putting our team in the spotlight to give you some valuable insights into what goes on behind the scenes at a digital agency! 

Part two of our digital spotlight series comes from our Commerical Director, Martin Oates

What is the best part of working in a Digital Agency? 

For me there are two areas. The main one is being at the forefront of a lot tech – the digital world is constantly changing and we get to help with that change. And, secondly, it’s the variety – no two days are ever the same. I can start the morning helping a construction client plan a new project management system, lunch with a financial client to launch their new responsive website and finish the day with a charity on how to further engage their supporters online. 
What has been your favourite digital trend of this year? 

It’s the trend that’s been around for years and, I think, will continue – mobile. It may sound now like agencies are beating a dead drum by still going on about mobile – but it really is key. Mobile-first is the norm now with architecture, UI and UX all focussing on mobile as the key stream rather than an additional stream. Importantly now, the technology available on mobile devices also means the interactions and functionality can be the same as (if not better) than the experience given on desktop. 
What do you think the future holds for the Digital Industry? 

The digital industry will continue to overlap more and more with other platforms and channels. Digital will be the foundation of a true multi-channel experience. With more data, better devices and more user acceptance – users will be able to drop in and out of a user journey easily and seamlessly via mobile, tablet, desktop, tv, smart-wear, in-store and even their car. 

If you have any questions for Martin or would like to discuss any of our services please give our team a call today.