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Digital Spotlight - Josh

10 November, 2015

At pixelbuilders, we believe knowledge should be nurtured and shared, which is why we are putting our team in the spotlight to give you some valuable insights into what goes on behind the scenes at a digital agency! 

This week’s instalment comes from our 'magpie' web developer Josh. 

What do you love most about being a Web Developer? 

I love the fact that no two days are ever the same, there is always something new in the schedule that might require a different approach or alternative way of thinking. I revel in the challenges, the new and the different. Because of this there is a constant learning curve; it’s great to feel you are forever improving yourself.

What is your favourite CSS trick at the moment?  

My favourite CSS trick right now is to use border-radii to clip square images into circles. It’s such a simple technique to remember but can add such a lot to any project. It changes the game in terms of web design by allowing users to upload any image they like and have it appear, pseudo-edited, on the site exactly as needed with zero effort involved from the user. My goal is to always create the smoothest, simplest user experience possible – the border radius trick helps me to do just that while allowing exponentially more freedom of design.

Can you predict any Web Design trends for 2016? 

Hamburgers  - I'm serious….. as the mobile web only seems to be growing stronger and stronger I predict that we’ll only see more and more websites being designed to support slower connections and smaller screens first, and desktop computers later. As we all grow used to the mobile web we are becoming familiar with trends such as the menu being hidden behind a button showing three bars one on top of each other (often nick named the hamburger). There is no reason why this would not work on a desktop screen and I expect to see it, along with many other mobile-friendly features, adopted on larger screens in the future.

Animation - The web has grown so quickly in the last 10 years that in many places technology has struggled to keep up with the pace. Web browsers have been stuck in the past for a long time – use of antiquated versions of Internet Explorer has only recently begun to wane thanks to automatic updates. But things are changing, the new web is here.

The benefit of this surge in browser technology, is that we as web developers are now able to start using some of the new features specified in CSS3, the latest version of the language used to style websites. Along with your average smartphone/computer becoming more and more powerful, CSS3 allows developers to include a multitude of animations into the layout of websites, thus opening doors for a vast array of design implementations.