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Digital Spotlight - Chris

2 February, 2016

At pixelbuilders, we believe knowledge should be nurtured and shared, which is why we are putting our team in the spotlight to give you some valuable insights into what goes on behind the scenes at a digital agency! 

This week we catch up with our Senior Developer Chris as he reflects on favourite projects worked on in 2015 and some of the biggest challenges! 

What have been some of your favourite projects you have worked on recently? 

The most interesting projects I have had the chance to work on recently have to be Strata, the Keepmoat Elearning System and an exciting e-commerce website which we are currently still working on. 

Among these projects I got the opportunity to work with many different API’s, such as Google Maps, SalesForce and ResponseTap, and as all of them have different methods of interaction to send and receive data, this gave me a good opportunity to get really hands-on and gain valuable experience in how different APIs operate and how we can use various means of interpreting data to suit the needs of the application. 

I find working with API integration always interesting as no two APIs are the same. The process of deciphering the best way of manipulating the data in the most efficient way possible, which is both best for the client and the performance of the system, is challenging but the end result is always rewarding. 

These have been just a snapshot of some of the best projects I have worked on recently. 

What has been the most challenging aspect of any of these projects? 

On the Strata project, we created and integrated a variety of interactive SVG maps for their developments. We had to ensure all the data displayed on these maps was consistent and aligned with the data in SalesForce; this proved to be initially very challenging.

The process involved understanding how the SVGs could be manipulated to correctly display the relevant data as determined by each user to allow them to filter the plots on the development to show only those which suit their requirements and budget. 

What is it like working for a digital agency?  

Working in an agency environment, as opposed to an in-house development team, provides the opportunity to work on multiple projects. 

Although there are quite often several projects, big or small, on the go at the same time, I prefer this because each project has its own individual set of requirements, which presents the opportunity to use different techniques and technologies that may not have been available or required for the previous project. Due to this, there are never ending opportunities to develop existing skills and learn new skills.

As Senior Developer, I enjoy brainstorming ideas with colleagues, whether they are developers or not, and helping them to approach a particular challenge and the best way to achieve the outcome. These sessions can produce some really inspiring ideas and ensures the best possible end result.

Team night outs aren’t bad either!