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Digital Spotlight - Andy B

15 December, 2015

At pixelbuilders, we believe knowledge should be nurtured and shared, which is why we are putting our team in the spotlight to give you some valuable insights into what goes on behind the scenes at a digital agency! 

This week we catch up with Web Developer Andy Boot as he talks favourite content management systems and starting out his career!

What is your favourite content management system and why?

This is a hard question for any web developer who specialise in multiple coding languages, including ASP.Net and PHP. For me it would be between Kentico (for ASP.Net) and WordPress (for PHP) as the two offer very different approaches to building a website. The PHP language along with WordPress is a very old school approach to development as it could be written in something as basic as a notepad software, it’s free, easy to learn and boasts a number of frameworks to simplify development.

ASP.Net along with Kentico provides you manage controls and libraries to help build your UI more easily and less worry about browser compatibility.  Beside UI it provides you with better communication with databases and enhanced security.

Without a doubt, I’d always choose to use Kentico as it offers a system that makes development much more unified due to the object orientated approach it takes with managing UI and it’s data. The Kentico all-in-one CMS platform offers rich out-of-the-box functionality, an extensive set of features, and incredible levels of customisability for rapid website development. With Open API, Kentico’s ASP.NET CMS is proven to integrate with almost any back-end system, giving you ultimate flexibility across all channels.

Also, with the recent launch of Kentico 9, it allows us as developers to sink our teeth into the new features such as MVC support, continuous integration and Modularisation. Our experience as a team with Kentico dates back to 2006, so we can take a new version in our stride and continue to deliver for our clients.

How did you start life as a web developer?

I was given the opportunity by my local college to undertake a course intended for new web developers to learn HTML and basic principles of the web. Keep in mind this was a time that Google was still in its infancy, the first iPhone hadn’t yet been invented and a website built on ASP.Net didn’t yet exist.

After a while of building some really basic webpages (by today’s standards), I then discovered a new technique of integrating a webpage with a database thanks to classic ASP which no longer allowed the pages I built to have hardcoded pieces of information. Over the years I’ve managed to hone in on refining my skills and still doing so to this date. I’m now building websites for charities through to large businesses; many of which are well known household names.  

What if your favourite thing about working at pixelbuilders?

Working with pixelbuilders not only allows me to bring everything I’ve learned in the past to current projects, but it also allows me to improve my working style and learn new skills along the way. Working within a team rather than being a lone ranger allows me to share ideas and opinions to which I also receive in return allowing us all to become greater developers. It’s not all about what we type on the keyboard which later produces a website however, it’s also about the diversity of the projects, clients and CMS’s that we have the pleasure to work with.