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A Whole New Approach To Sales Literature

22 October, 2012

We’ve been working with a number of clients to help them deliver sales and marketing literature on websites built specifically for iPads.

Historically, sales and marketing literature (whether used by sales staff or presented at exhibitions/seminars) has been paper based – leaflets and brochures etc. We’ve been working over the past months with a number of clients, taking their existing literature and displaying it on a website specific for iPads.

The websites are sized to fit on an iPad screen without any need for resizing, or pinch-zooming all the time. They also have interactions that are designed for touch control, rather than mouse click. Given they’re web-based, if your content changes or you want to add a new case-study, there’s no need to re-print all the literature – simply add, edit and delete as you would on a normal website.

You can use the websites to present any sales information you want, in whatever format you need. We’ve had clients use image galleries and video alongside more standard text based literature to really make the whole experience much more interactive. They can be fully open to the public, or behind a secure login for only your sales team to access.

Whether being used in conjunction with a sales manager’s visit or being used on stands at exhibitions to draw visitors in – they really do help you get your USPs across to your target audience.