1 Jun, 2020

A Few Exciting Design Trends We're Loving Right Now

As we venture further into the year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to recap on a few of the exciting design trends that have really caught our eye over the past couple of months. 

We have witnessed some immersive and amazing examples of 3D realism and depth, an interesting new trend that successfully combines two previous favourites and finally a creative, bold and modern typography trend.

3D realism & Depth

3D Realism and Depth

This is a trend we are seeing way more in the design world at the moment. In comparison to the extremely popular flat design it adds depth and a real life-like quality which feels futuristic & professional. 

We are seeing this trend really bring designs to life in an interesting way thus creating a really immersive experience for the user.

A serious pro to 3D realism and depth is how far it has come in terms of hyper realistic effects; we are able to create mind-blowing imagery digitally with lighting, shadows, colour adjustments and movement. For example the Apple AirPods landing page uses 3d effects exceptionally well. 

The way the contrasting lighting and shadows create focal points which direct the user to important snippets of information. 

The fluid animated movements of the 3d renders also guides the user seamlessly through the journey creating a really sublime user journey, which feels weightless and easy. 

An outstanding example of how 3d and realism combined with seamless animation has created an enjoyable and effective webpage environment.

With the use of 3d scenarios through 3d rendering we are able to transport users on an impressive experiential journey, which without this technology would not be possible.



This leads me on to our next very popular trend we are seeing all over the design-isphere; Neu-Morphism. This trend channels 3d realism and depth, whilst ensuring the design is kept clean, minimal and futuristic.

Neu-morphism combines the current famous flat UI designs with the old skeuomorphic (think old apple icons) to create an interface which looks clean & stylish, but also possesses lifelike quality and depth.

In order to keep the style looking clean there are a few common practices; elements following this style should be kept simple to make, usually components have a dark shadow applied below and lighter shadow applied on the top. This makes the element appear raised, similar to a button in real life.

Neu-morphism looks very effective when following a very simple monochromatic palette (off whites, soft greys and charcoals).

Finally I just wanted to highlight another popular trend; outline typography, usually used to create impact next to filled text.