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5 Digital Resolutions You Should Aim To Make In 2014

6 January, 2014

It’s a New Year, which means it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions. We’ve put together a list of what we believe are some of the top resolutions in the digital world for 2014 – and they don’t involve a diet or running!

1. Optimise (Or Start) Your Quality Content Strategy

Content is king. It’s a phrase that’s been said before – but it’s true. Firstly, visitors want relevant, up-to-date and well written information. Secondly, for search purposes this is a key resolution. Google’s first line in its advice on how to create a ‘Google-friendly website’ is “Provide high-quality content on your pages, especially your homepage. This is the single most important thing to do.”

Every strategy needs a plan and so does a content strategy. A content plan will help you release your content to the right people, via the right streams and at the right time. It will also stop you getting over excited, like we all do, updating your site feverishly for two weeks and then leaving it alone for 4 months. Pace yourself.

Work with your agencies collaboratively on this. Involve your PR, marketing and digital agencies – they can all help.

2. Mobile

Again, another term that’s been around for quite a while. Every year though, visits to websites from mobile and tablet visitors are increasing. How are you catering for their needs? There are many options including either delivering a standalone mobile website or catering for everyone with a responsive website.
Responsive websites are more popular because, as the name implies, they fluidly change and respond to fit any screen size or device. This means one single website, and its content, can be easily accessed and used irrespective of the device used by the visitor.

3. Don’t Be A Twit

Social media and its commercial uses are pretty well known now. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and all the others are parts of many clients’ online marketing.
However, don’t just be on these networks because you feel you have to – as with resolution number one – define a strategy. How are you going to interact, which is the best platform, when and how often? Again, seek the help of your agency roster to define this.

4. Replace Your Old Spreadsheets And Databases

Be honest, how many spreadsheets or databases do you use on a daily basis? How much of a pain are they to update? How secure are they? How many people can access them at once?
More and more we’re seeing clients looking for help developing web-applications to help with these issues. Web applications are simple, helpful systems that are built to run on your web-browser.  They’re quicker to install and update than traditional software (as having access to the web is all you need) and given the right hosting environment and user set-up can be more secure and protective of their data.

5. Review Your Website: Changes Don’t Have To Be Big Ones!

You’ve sorted your social media, you’ve got a content plan and you’re mobile friendly. What now? How about planning a session, with your team, to really review your website? Whilst continually adding to your digital presence is great, don’t forget to review, refresh and optimise what’s already there.
Happy New Year! We hope you all have a great 2014.