1 May, 2018

100 Kentico Sites Later…

…and we are still one of the most experienced Kentico development teams in the UK.

Alongside completing 100 projects using the Kentico platform, on a variety of different Kentico licenses including Kentico EMS, we have also achieved certification for 5 developers and 1 marketer, we have had our work named in the Kentico Sites Of The Month list no less than 7 times and we have featured in Kentico’s Site Of The Year competition too.
Of those 100 Kentico sites, some of the most recent ones to go live include Woodlands DIY, Barrett Steel, Masthaven Bank, Harrogate Town AFC, Dynamic Networks and CCTV Direct.

Altogether, this means we can confidently say that 2017 was a successful year and our status as Kentico Gold Partners is safely secured. However, this milestone doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels as we move in to 2018, in fact, you could say we are doing quite the opposite.

A digital agency is only as good as its last piece of work, so in order to make sure we keep getting better and better and stay well ahead of all the latest industry best practices and new developments, we’ve been trying out one or two new things.

We recently switched our source code repositories to help increase the efficiency of our development team and therefore improve our customer service, which you can read more about here (honestly it’s not as technical as it sounds).

We also resolved some caching issues we typically bump into during the development process by implementing an ‘elasti-cache’ service to bypass the issue of needed to rebuild the cache after development changes. Again this helped to make our team more efficient and improved our digital security. (Again, this isn’t as technical as it sounds, so if you are interested, read more here).

Our developer and Google page speed expert Andy Boot has also started investigating how prioritising the delivery of site resources dependent on web page elements can help improve page speeds and therefore SEO.
This work in particular will help ensure the websites we are building continue to be as search engine friendly as possible and as user friendly as possible, and it doesn’t harm our newly acquired Google Partner status either.

So while some of these changes may only be small, were hoping that by continuing to make these small but important changes to our way of working, it will help ensure 2018 is even more positive than 2017.

So with that in mind, bring on the next 100 Kentico websites.